Michael Ryan for

Oakland County Commissioner, District #19


 Royal Oak and Berkley tend to  vote for Democrats , so why should you consider voting for a Republican; won't a Republican just vote for the interests of business? Why should I even care who is my county comissioner?

     When the state of the county speech was presented in 2015, our current commissioner, David Woodward, responded to Patterson's proposal to cut the county tax (by 1/10 of a mill) by stating that the county could use the money to fix roads (at $1,000,000 a year, that may fix one mile of roads) , or fix kid's teeth( the state and federal government just poured millions of dollars into this on a scale that may have some effect) or other spending that would be a drop in the ocean of nice things. No creative ideas that are affordable for the county and its residents like pushing SMART and DDOT to combine bus routes on Woodward, or funding the placement of heat lamps on timers in bus shelters or pay back county bonds early,  so the county commission  did what they should and returned the money to the taxpayers. If you want to push this county ahead, we need a new person to represent the 19th district. 

     Put it simply; if you want to stand pat, vote Democrat, but if you want a better plan, vote RYAN the Republican