Michael Ryan for

Oakland County Commissioner, District #19

My wife doesn't work outside the home, so I don't have employer-paid health insurance. She was actually on state aid and Medicaid when we got married.  She was able to be trained as a dental assistant under a state program that no longer exists while receiving assistance.

I am a 55 year-old dentist who has been married for fourteen years to Ilene Jabboori-Ryan and we're in the process of raising four children, ages 28, 22, 14, and 13. Joylene, the 22 year old , attends Oakland Co. Community College.

I did buy health insurance through the dental association until 2005, when the costs doubled and my income start declining because my patients were losing their jobs. I don't feel comfortable going without health insurance, but it is the only way to stay solvent.

I've come to the conclusion that the biggest part of why job and income growth is so slow in Michigan is that the current (with or without the Affordable Care Act) health care system is sucking the life out of the economy.

Even though my background and proposal is not typical for a Republican, I hope that you will seriously consider both this proposal and voting for me in the August 2nd primary so I can publicize a new way of thinking to those in Lansing.